Why Us

Our Merits

  • Unique and creative solutions that meet the clients’ expectations not only by realizing the clients’ business objectives but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of public relations.
  • Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed communications and business objectives.
  • Creative approaches to the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored communications solutions
  • Team work based on the implementation of progressive communications disciplines
  • Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team
  • Courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of client in crisis Ÿ Strong technological background
  • 24/7 availability

Business Competitiveness

Our competitive edge lies in our ability to offer recruitment solutions professionally. Our ability to assess our clients’ needs and make recommendations based on expert assessment ensures that we provide our clients with appropriate and sustainable number of staff. We also have a rigorous and efficient selection and recruitment process which ensures that clients hire job-fit and skilled employees capable of delivering the desired results. This has earned us good reputation, repeat clients and referrals from satisfied customers. We also have real time control and integrated human resource management systems which helps us to manage a large database of potential employees making it easy to recruit quickly for clients who have urgent vacancies that require instant placement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Reliance Limited we understand that we have a responsibility to our society and we have made Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) an integral part of our business culture. We have supported various CSR initiatives such as providing school shoes to underprivileged children at Kibichiko Primary School and providing foodstuff and electricity to Kijiji Childrens’ Home in Kiambu County

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